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Harold Bias, Founder/CEO



Growing up in West Philadelphia, Harold Bias experienced many of the hardships our youth face today. Mr. Bias started off poor with dreams to own more. Hard work and dedication is how he turned those dreams into reality.

Harold has worked in special education for over 10 years. During that time he has held many positions such as special education teacher, behavior liaison, and contributed to development and expansion of Elwyn’s T.A.A.A.S program. Harold has extensive knowledge in developing and implementing SWPBIS in schools, as well as teaching social coping, and conflict resolution skills to students.

In August 2021, Harold will graduate with a Master’s degree in Education Leadership & Administration.
Mr. Bias founded Youth Establishing Standards, an organization dedicated to teaching life skills and coping skills to youth. The goal is to teach youth and young adults, effective coping strategies to deal with the trauma they encounter daily. Y.E.S. also teaches conflict resolution and encourage students to
understand the value of good decision making through community service and team building activities. Exposing youth to the world outside their neighborhood can be the determining factor in how they view themselves. At Y.E.S. the plan is to make youth aware that the world is bigger than their 5 mile radius.

Clyde Stanford, Founder/COO

Clyde Headshot.jpg

Mr. Stanford is a proud father of three and has had a fruitful career in the IT and Financial Services sectors.  

Clyde's passion for service was fostered during his unconventional upbringing. He spent middle and high school at Milton Hershey School, a boarding school in Hershey PA.  While attending MHS, started by the Chocolate magnate as an orphanage, Clyde learned that the mindsets of compassion, empathy and service paired perfectly with his family-ingrained principles of faith, collective work & responsibility and self-determination. This combination has set his mind to the work of providing the next generation with as much information, training and experience as he can to contribute to informed, prepared and empowered individuals of the future. 

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